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Stage fright, brioche knitting, and a trip out west


I hinted a bit a couple days back about a project I’m working on, that involves a bit ‘ol stack of brioche knit samples and swatches. It’s exciting, overwhelming, fascinating, and a little bit scary!

After Sock Summit next week, I’ll be headed out to Colorado to film a how-to DVD with Interweave Press all about brioche knitting!!!!


How crazy amazing is that? I am really excited, and preparing like mad, but at the same time, I’m more than a little scared of the notion of being on camera. And worrying about hair and makeup and other things I don’t usually stress too hard about (like closeups of my manicure, eek!). So I’m just trying to prepare and practice and focus on the subject, which I love so much.

Brioche knitting is one of my absolute favorite techniques, especially 2-color brioche ribbing, which allows for such fun combinations of color and texture. Ever since I bought Nancy Marchant’s book, Knitting Brioche (http://briochestitch.com/brioche/), I’ve been designing and working with lots of brioche stitch patterning. My first cover ever on Interweave Knits was a two color brioche ribbed sweater, called Thandie.


I’ve knit lots of carefully labelled swatches and step-outs (partially worked swatches to show things step-by-step), and am trying to organize all of my jumbled-feeling thoughts into cohesive notes. And while diving so deep into the possibilities of brioche knitting, I’m having LOTS of new design ideas! So I’m taking a deep breathe and focusing on the fun of it.


  • http://twitter.com/jeaniebabb Jean Babbage

    I bought the book, but d/t other project deadlines haven’t tried it yet! 

  • kimbatigger

    If you could post how to get started on two color brioche and follow through to how to knit a scarf I would really be appreciative. I have Nancy’s book and am still having trouble. I knit English style and many of the videos on youtube are for continental and are not clear enough. Thanks.
    PS: The right hand margin on your above blog is cutting off the text.

  • http://www.kitchensinkdyeworks.com/ Mercedes

    Good news, the brioche video is out and available for download at the Interweave Store! It’s packed full of good information. You can take a look at the preview here:


    I may be added supplemental info on advanced or alternative brioche techniques to the blog as time passes, but i think most questions will be answered in the video. We packed a ton of info into the 110 minutes!